Meet the Lower Elementary Teachers

Adrienne Thacker

Lower Elementary Teacher
214-324-5580 ext. 510

Adrienne Thacker has been teaching in LE1 at WRM since 2008. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Geology at the University of Texas at Arlington and her Montessori certification at the Dallas Montessori Academy. Her previous careers included being a reptile and primate zookeeper and a corporate flight attendant. She has many hobbies, but her favorites are riding horses and beekeeping. She loves bringing her dog “Brian” to school and is currently working on her Masters of Education at SMU.

Emily Gomez

Lower Elementary Teacher
214-324-5580 ext. 521

Emily Gomez has been teaching LE1 since 2017.  She is a Texas Native who studied Anthropology at the University of North Texas while on an athletic scholarship for springboard diving.  She has a Masters degree focusing on Early Literacy and Montessori Education from Southern Methodist University.  Emily's previous careers include work as a Massage Therapist, teaching English abroad, Reading Recovery, Special Education, and children’s Sailing Instructor.  Emily loves the outdoors, traveling, and family time.  She is joined at school by her 7 year old daughter Penelope and Juno the dog.   

Tricia Bell

Lower Elementary Teacher
214-324-5580 ext. 526

Tricia Bell holds a BA in Language Arts with a minor in Elementary Education from St. Edward’s University. She has taught in elementary classrooms for over 20 years. Inspired by her older daughter's positive experience at White Rock Montessori, she transitioned from traditional public school teaching to Montessori in 2007 and has remained at WRMS ever since. Tricia’s areas of interest include creative writing, art, and sustainable living. As a dance and fitness enthusiast, she recognizes the importance of the mind-body connection to academic growth and mental wellness. Her two daughters are products of WRM, one entering her senior year in college, and the other beginning her second year in Upper Elementary.

Candy Gwyn

Lower Elementary Teacher
214-324-5580 ext. 513

Candy Gwyn has been teaching in the LE2 classroom since 2010. She has a BA in Psychology and Cultural Anthropology from the University of North Carolina, Asheville, did graduate studies in Anthropology at Emory University, and is currently working on her Master of Education with a concentration in math at SMU. Ms. Gwyn had an earlier career as a peace advocate and community builder in Atlanta, GA and continues her mission of fostering compassion, respect, and appreciation of diversity in her classroom community. Growing up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Ms. Gwyn developed a deep love of the outdoors and shares her enthusiasm for the wonders of nature and commitment to environmental stewardship with her students. Ms. Gwyn is also a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor. She teaches pilates and spin at the YMCA.