Entering the SECOND PLANE OF DEVELOPMENT, the elementary child is characterized by the "reasoning mind."

Children of this age have a natural curiosity about how things work. They are highly social and want to understand the relationship between things and people.

Children working in a lower elementary classroom

To support these characteristics, lessons are given to small groups of children with the purpose of sparking the imagination and sense of wonder, helping them understand the universe around them and their place in it, and taking advantage of their natural inclination toward collaborative learning.


White Rock Montessori Lower Elementary Environments

  • Two lower elementary classrooms, each consisting of twenty-four children, ages 6-9Teacher working with students on an exercise. (correlating to 1st through 3rd grades)
  • Each classroom is directed by two degreed and Montessori-certified teachers; the student/teacher ratio is 12:1
  • Weekly classes with specialists in music, visual arts, environmental science, and Spanish
  • Outdoor play daily (two classes per week with P.E. specialist)
  • All children attend five days per week from 8:30 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.
  • Children remain in the same classroom with the same teachers throughout their lower elementary years.
  • Classes are self-paced/Individualized
  • Concrete, manipulative materials are organized into the following curricular areas:
    • Math
    • Geometry
    • Language
    • Research and Creative Writing
    • Foreign Language (Spanish)
    • Everyday Living Skills
    • Sensory AwarenessChild working on map project
    • Geography
    • History
    • Visual and Performing Arts
    • Music
    • Science
    • Computer Science
    • Environmental Science/Gardening
    • Physical Education